Hassan Ahmed, 16.08.2020. Suffocated – Halifax

August 16, 2020 – Halifax, West Yorks
27 year-old. Feared for his life on a chokehold

Hassan Ahmed was arrested after he was called to the area by a family member and got into an argument with a man, in which he admitted punching him.

A video of the arrest, shared on social media, shows Hassan being held on the ground with an arm around his neck.

The video footage showed him waving his hand across his throat as he struggles to breathe during the arrest.a voice can be heard saying “Chill out or I’ll choke you out, chill out or you’re going to sleep“.

In his own words, Hassan explained :

“I was afraid for my life, I thought ‘that’s it, he’s going to end up killing me’. [] I honestly thought it was my final moments, I was in shock, I was really scared. [] I was just thinking about my family, I thought ‘He’s not going to let go, he’s going to keep going, he’s going to finish me. [] I was in pain, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t even gasp for air. He carried on, then he punched me in my face. [] This is the same thing that happened to George Floyd – it’s happening on our streets too.”

Hassan was arrested on suspicion of assault after the incident and released pending investigation. Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Osman Khan, of West Yorkshire Police, said “The officer has been removed from frontline operational duties” pending investigation.

Physical violence
 Kicks, punches, slaps
 Feet / knees on the nape of the neck, chest or face
 Blows to the victim while under control and/or on the ground
 Blows to the ears
XStrangulation / chokehold
 Painful armlock
 Fingers forced backwards
 Spraying with water
 Dog bites
 Hair pulling
 Tirage par les cheveux
 Painful tightening of colson ties or handcuffs
 Painfully pulling by colson ties or handcuffs
 Use of gloves
 Use of firearm
 Use of “Bean bags” (a coton sack containing tiny lead bullets)
 Use of FlashBall weapon
 Use of sound grenade
 Use of dispersal grenade
 Use of teargas grenade
 Use of rubber bullets weapon (LBD40 type)
 Use of batons
 Use of Pepper Spray
 Use of Taser gun
Psychological violence
 Charge of disturbing public order
 Charge of rebellion
 Accusation of beatings to officer
 Charge of threatening officer
 Charge of insulting an officer
 Threat with a weapon
 Aggressive behaviour, disrespect, insults
 Calls to end torment remained unheeded
 Sexist remarks
 Homophobic remarks
 Racist comments
 Violence by fellow police officers
 Passivity of police colleagues
 Lack or refusal of the police officer to identify him or herself
 Vexing or intimidating identity check
 Intimidation or arrest of witnesses
 Prevented from taking photographs or from filming the scene
 Refusal to notify someone or to telephone
 Refusal to administer a breathalyzer
 Refusal to fasten the seatbelt during transport
 Refusal to file a complaint
 Refusal to allow medical care or medication
 Lies, cover-ups, disappearance of evidence
 Undress before witnesses of the opposite sex
 Bend down naked in front of witnesses
 Lack of surveillance or monitoring during detention
 Lack of signature in the Personal Effects Register during detention
 Confiscation, deterioration, destruction of personal effects
 Pressure to sign documents
 Absence of a report
 Deprivation during detention (water, food)
 Inappropriate sanitary conditions during detention (temperature, hygiene, light)
 Complacency of doctors
 Kettling (corraling protestors to isolate them from the rest of the demonstration)
 Prolonged uncomfortable position
  • 08.2020 – Officer suspended pending investigation, Hassan release under investigation
  • 16.08.2020 – Assault on Hassan
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