Why digital self-defense is important…

ObsPol members are citizens engaged in social movements, and as such we care a great deal about privacy protection, anonymity and respect of your data as much as our’s. This constant concern is critical in our field of study, police violence: in this struggle, forces are clearly unbalanced, security of our exchanges as well as of your information should never ever be compromised. Confidentiality extends  within ObsPol (our online and hard copy publications) as well as outside of ObsPol : nothing will be filtered to the police, government agencies etc. Only you can request communication of your data to yourself or your lawyer. Feel confident to share your experience. Your testimony to ObsPol will never cause you problems or difficulties. For more information about how to protect your digital communication (internet browsing, emails, mailing lists etc.), read these security advices.

Use of collected personal data

This website does not store any browsing data (neither your IP address, nor webpages you visited, nor documents you consulted or downloaded), nor any of your personal data. Comments are deactivated on our websites. ObsPol’s website uses secure HTTPS protocol, which allows visitors to ensure the accessed is the right one, thanks to an authentication certificate.

Online Testimony Questionnaires

Personal data provided in our online forms are collected for the sole purpose of further contact with witnesses and victims to strengthen their testimony. In accordance with the Section 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation, you have a right of access and rectification which you can exercise free of charge upon request to the data processing controller: Collective ObsPol, Data is stored in a secure database allowing us to draw statistics et publish regular reports to  assess the evolution of police violence. Data is regularly wiped from our hosting server. To fill out the questionnaires you will be required to produce identification. The sole purpose is to enable us to get back to you to clarify or to request further information. The information collected via the questionnaire will only be published with your prior agreement. Your identity will be made anonymous.

Publication of your story

When filling out our online questionnaire, you will be asked if  you would agree for your testimony to be published on our websites. In that case, we will submit an anonymous version of your story: names will be initialed, dates and places will be hidden so that no aggressor could trace you back. You will be required to formally validate the proposed narrative PRIOR TO any publication : no collected information will be published without your prior agreement.

Periodic Reports

Reports analysing compiled statistics, conclusions et recommendations never mention any personal information. If we ever need to support our demonstration with some specific details involving details that might reveal your identity,  your prior formal agreement will be a sine qua non condition.

Contact Forms

Data collected via our contact form (names, email address) will only be stored and used while our email exchange is going on..

Your data,  your rights

You may request a copy of all your personal data available to us compiled in a file, including those you provided us with. You may also request deletion of all your personal data: use our contact form.

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