Cheikh Wade


March 8, 2021 – DakarDCD_24px.png
32 year-old. Shot dead

In March 2021, political opponent Ousmane Sonko was arrested, a decision that resulted in a massive protest wave around the country. In turn, the government responded with unabated repression that culminated in the most dramatic crisis in Senegal since 10 years.

Amongst the 14 victims of the repression was Cheikh Wade, a young taylor living in the North part of the capital. He took to the street to protest and was shot dead by a policeman, as the bullet got him in the neck, as a video bcame virale shows. A police car is seen passing close by, but made no attempt at stopping or trying to reccue Cheikh.

An autopsy was performed by Prof. Cherif Dial, Chief of service at the Hôpital général Idrissa Poue (Cto).

To this day, the police officer who murdered him remains free, no trial has been scheduled, in spite of the family’s formal complaint. Presumed murder is identified by the family as the Police commander in chief at the Dakar Parcelles Assainies police station. The family is expecting the President of the Court of Appeal’s Accusation chamber to request a judiciary inquiry by the Procureur de la République.

  • 25.05.2021 – Complaing lodged by family with the President of the Court of Appeal’s Accusation chamber : homicide, failure to assist a person in danger, violation of freedoms, abuse of authority, acts of barbarism and cruel and degrading acts
  • 03.2021 – Autopsy ; Burial certificate
  • 08.03.2021 – Murder of Cheikh

[Read the heartbreaking open letter Cheikh‘s sister Ngoné Wade wrote (in French)]

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