Hasana Aalaia

Hasana Aalaia

June 17, 2010 – El Aaiun, Western SaharaWesternSahara.gif
22 year-old. Abducted, beaten,

On June 17 late afternoon, agents of a police patrol circled young Hasana Aalaia a young sarahoui militant in November 24 Street where he was walking with his friend Mohammad Hali, 23. They punched him many times before forced him into their car and drove away.

Interrogation lasted for about 45 minutes, while he was beaten and handcuffed. He was questionned about certain people, about his intentions to organize festive demonstrations on ZAMLA uprising day.

After he was brutally beaten, the police offered him a Western Sahara flag to wipe his blood of from, but Hasana refused to use the flag he’s fighting for.

He was released far away into the desert past the airport, his face wounded and his legs an back badly hurting. The police recommended he should show himself so that everyone can see what they do to people like him.

[Source: ASVDH/APSO]